Homeowners Association


Please note: The answers to many of these questions are in our “Rules and Regulations” and governing documents, which are available on our web site for your information and review. Answers below may refer to those documents.

Yes! Sign up for our Email News blasts on the homepage of our web site www.inlandgreens.net or read a copy on the Clubhouse bulletin board.

There are a few companies available – ask your neighbors or the property management company. You must contract individually for your service. Pick up days vary by company. Trash cart lids should always close when the cart is put on the street to prevent litter. Only put cans out late the day before pickup and bring them in quickly after they are emptied.

Many residents contract personally for a recycling cart. We do not currently have community-wide curbside recycling, but wish we did! A close location is Wrightsville Beach. Visit the New Hanover County website for details and more info.

Additional temporary, short-term, infrequent (i.e. not permanent) parking for residents’ or guests’ vehicles is available at the Clubhouse or the storage corral area parking lot on Chester St. (See Rule # 2). Parking on our very narrow streets must be limited and infrequent for safety of our residents, emergency vehicle access, and other traffic. Space may be available to rent from Third Corp in one of the storage corrals.

3 weeks prior to and after the holiday, per Rule #8.

If you are an owner, contact our Property Management Company. Be prepared to show a photo ID when you complete the “Key Request Form” (it’s on our web site) and attach/enclose the key deposit. Note: if you provide a key to guests or tenants remember that replacement keys are expensive!

Not necessarily – only if the homeowner allows it and transfers their rights. The homeowner is responsible for the actions of all guests and tenants and will be held accountable. Non-resident owners may relinquish their rights to all amenities, or they may choose to withhold those rights from their tenants (ie. both parties may not have rights to the amenities such as the pool, sport courts, etc.). Key fobs for access are available for owners from the property management company; tenants must get them from owners. One key fob per address.

Contact our Property Management Company. Provide details (and photos, if possible!) on street address, time, date(s), license plate #, etc. Be very specific, please. Thanks for helping!

There is a separate organization by the name of “IG/CR” or “Third Corp” (ie. a third/master corporation for our property besides Inland Greens and Cedar Ridge HOAs – the other two corporations) that manages our “joint” concerns and amenities. A percentage of the dues you pay to IGHOA goes directly to Third Corp.

Third Corp has a Board that is composed of members from both of the HOAs. Third Corp hires a separate landscaping company to maintain the landscaping for the entrances and amenities areas, maintains and repairs our streets, street signs, perimeter fence, the Clubhouse, sport courts, corrals, swimming pool, etc. A separate document on “Third Corp Responsibilities” is on our web site with more details.

It is your responsibility to dispose of it properly. We don’t offer street side pickup of yard waste. Our Landscape Contractor is not responsible for picking it up. Bag it for your own trash company or contact them to have it hauled away at your own expense.

Contact our Property Management Company via email work order on the web site or phone, unless it is in your area of responsibility. They can help you determine who is responsible. Read Rule # 17 for details. Report needed repairs immediately to prevent further damage. Be very specific as to the location and details of the repair needed.

In general, any repair needed due to the negligence or conduct of the homeowner (or their guests/tenants) is the financial responsibility of the owner and they will be invoiced for the repair and need to make it quickly. Any damage or needed repairs not reported to the HOA within 30 days of the damaging incident is the responsibility of the homeowner, due to the delay.

For example: overgrown vegetation in a courtyard or enclosed backyard that has damaged the gutters, fencing, siding or fascia boards would be the owner’s responsibility. A leaking skylight would be the HOA’s responsibility. A garage door that has been bumped/damaged is be the owner’s responsibility to repair. A gate damaged by misuse, abuse or neglect would be the owner’s responsibility vs. gate repairs needed due to age or weather (warped, etc.) which may be the HOA’s responsibility.

All areas beyond the exterior walls and courtyards of the villas: driveway dividers, grass/natural areas, fences, streets, etc. are HOA “common areas”, not the property of homeowners. See specific definitions of “common area” and “limited common area” in our Rules and Regs. The land outside of your courtyard and back door belongs to the HOA.

See Rule #19. If the project is in a “common area” (ie. on HOA property), contact the property management company (in writing) and they will contact our Landscape Liaison/Committee for review of your request. Please allow a few weeks for a response (our liaisons and/or committee members are volunteers). Any removal or planting of new plants in HOA common areas should not be done without permission since it is not our property. If new plants are installed in a common area, they become HOA property.

Our Landscape Contractor and crew gets their “work orders” only from our Property Management Company, not from our residents. If the project is for your courtyard, enclosed backyard, or an area that is your responsibility, you will need to hire your own workers. Our landscape contractor and maintenance crew are available to hire.

IGHOA is on a specific cycle/timeframe for staining our villas. We have cedar siding and it ages differently on some villas depending on the sun’s angle. The HOA pays for this service. Driveways are power washed at this time by the HOA (owners may, of course, choose to do so more frequently).

See Rule 3 – the owner of the villa (who may need to invoice their tenant, if the villa is a rental). The driveway belongs to the HOA and damage or cleanup should be paid for by whomever caused the issue.

Call 911 immediately! Thank you! Take photos and note details for the police…it will be appreciated. Notify the property mgn’t company for their file.

The HOA pays for this large expense. The IGHOA undertook new roofs from 2004-2008 for our 192 villas. Owners paid a special assessment for many years to help offset this expenditure. IGHOA is now replenishing the Reserve Fund for the future.

Not in a driveway or on our narrow streets, please! Rent a space in one of our 2 the storage corrals or find a location off property (there are off-site storage areas very nearby). Corral details and an App Form are on our web site.

Parking space varies per villa based on the size of the driveway and use of the garage. All villas have a 2 car garage and a driveway large enough for at least 2 additional cars – space for 4 vehicles per villa. All vehicles per villa must be within a driveway, not overlapping the street or driveway divider between driveways (Rule # 3). Report violations to the property management company if you see this happening, please. Note: repairs to driveway dividers and/or replacement of plants/stones/mulch in a divider caused by damage from a resident or their guests will be billed to the owner of the villa. Vehicles should not drive across our driveway dividers or grass to try to parallel park in a driveway! Extra short-term parking is available at the clubhouse and near the storage corral on Chester St.

Call 911 and notify the property management company, also. (Rule #6)

Report the details on the vehicle and, if possible, the villa address where the vehicle came from or went to, to our property management company. The owner of the villa will be notified and warned. Other action may be taken, if warranted.

Each resident should have the phone # of the Towing Company written down (it’s posted on the signs at all 3 of our entrances). Call the Towing Company and report the vehicle details and address of the violation.

First, you must request permission in writing on the correct Form that is available on our web site or from our Property Management Company. Carefully read Rule # 23d and the Architectural Information in our Rules for important details on this answer. Dishes/antennas should not be visible from the street and are not to be installed in or on common areas (roofs, chimneys or exterior walls).

The HOA. Contact the property management company to report damage or vandalism, please. The repair expense may be billed to the person who caused the damage, if known. No items/info should be taped to our mailboxes to avoid damage to the paint.

No, read Rule # 16, please.

Contact our Property Mgm’t Co for the names of glass companies that can replace them for you. This is not an HOA expense. If windows or doors are replaced, the frame color must match existing colors. Fogged skylights are replaced by the HOA when re-roofed.

Inland Greens prefers to be primarily an owner-occupied community, but welcomes a small percentage of conscientious and responsible tenants. If an owner chooses to rent their villa, they should contact our Property Management Company first and learn the necessary procedures. There is a minimum rental term of six months, and the entire Lot must be rented. Renting of individual rooms or portions of Lots is not permitted and subleasing is not permitted. No more than three unrelated persons may reside on a Lot. Lease forms must be approved by the Association and copies of leases must be provided to the Association within seven days of the Association’s request. The owner is responsible for providing a copy of the Rules to their tenant – attached to the lease is smart! Encourage tenants to sign up for our IGHOA Email News Blasts and visit our website to stay well informed.

You should see people who are walking their pets actually use the bags that they should be carrying to pick up their pet’s waste. If they don’t carry/have a bag, suggest that they get one! If you see a violation, please note the address of the villa that the person returns to and contact the property mgm’t company. We all need to report this unpleasant violation to keep our community clean. It is not the pets’ fault, is it? There is a leash law for dogs and cats in New Hanover County so no pets should be off-leash in our community or on adjacent City Park land. Fines can be imposed.

Dogs cannot be tied out in a common area.

Note the license plate information of the violator, if possible, and the address. Our common areas (grass and pine straw/mulch areas) are full of sprinkler heads and repairs are expensive and time consuming. Contact our Property Mgm’t Co for the repair. The cost of repair will be billed to the homeowner for their guest, service vehicle, etc. that damaged it. We need to be careful when delivery/moving trucks are in our community and keep them off the grass to prevent damage to our irrigation system. (Rule # 18).

Note the street address and location and check for an ID # on the pole. Call 1-800-419-6356 or visit their web site to report it to Duke Progress Energy. Thank you! Our HOA dues pay for the street lights so let’s make sure they are all working!

The original small (3’ x 8’) wood decks are HOA responsibility and are on HOA property. Read Rule 23a and the detailed document on our web site “Patio/Deck Specifications and Criteria”. Download and complete the Request Form to enlarge or replace the deck. Larger decks that have been replaced are the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain.